Annual Subscription 2018

Annual Subscription

MEMBERSHIP RATES FOR 2018 SEASON (March to Octiober)

Membership subscription is £540 (inclusive of £30 joining fee)
A new member joining before or during March will be issued 24 day fishing tickets. This equates to three tickets for each month of the season. These may be used on any  day of their choice during the season. If the full ticket entitlement is exhausted then the member may guest himself to additional days’ fishing.
If joining part way through the season, payments are as shown in table below. When joining part way through any month, the full month charge is applicable.  The table below details the membership rates.
(See Application Form for payment methods.)

To start fishing in Subscription Cost Joining fee (once-off) TOTAL
March £510 £30 £540
April £448 £30 £478
May £387 £30 £417
June £335 £30 £365
July £273 £30 £303
August £231 £30 £261
September £179 £30 £209
October £121 £30 £151


WINTER FISHING (November and December)

Winter fishing is subject to annual review and is normally available to club member at an additional daily charge.

Note :

On all Fridays & Saturdays during the ‘Winter Season’, the lakes are closed to the club.

Only those club members who have renewed their membership before the end of the year are entitled to winter fishing during the following January and February.

Further information can be found in the Club Rules.


Full or part day   £6


Member’s ‘Self-Guest’ = £20  (5 Fish bag limit)
Non-Member’s Guest  = £25  (4 Fish limit)

Winter Period
Member = £15  (4 Fish bag limit)
Non-Member Guest = £15  (2 Fish bag limit)

Junior Tickets = £10 (2 fish bag limit)

Members only ‘Evening Ticket’ = £10 (2 fish bag limit)
(Refer to Club Rules.)