2019 Annual Subscription


Membership subscription is £550 (inclusive of £30 joining fee)
A new member joining in January, February or March will be issued 24 fishing tickets. These may be used on any  day of their choice during the season subject to the limitations imposed under Rule 10 during the winter period.
If the full ticket entitlement is exhausted then the member may guest himself to additional days fishing.
If starting part way through the season, payments are as shown in tables below. When starting part way through any month, the full month is to be used for calculating the subscription due.
From January to June inclusive, two cheques may be presented, the first dated at the time of joining, and a second dated three months later.
Both cheques, however, are to be presented at time of joining.
The table below details the current rates for 2019 (inclusive of  joining fee)

To Start Fishing in the month of SINGLE CHEQUE PAYMENT SPLIT PAYMENTS Total






One off Joining fee


Initial Payment upon Joining (inc. joining fee) Second cheque dated 3 months after month of joining as applicable
January £520 £30 £290 £260 dated 31/03 £550
February £520 £30 £290 £260 dated 30/04 £550
March £520 £30 £290 £260 dated 31/05 £550
April £473 £30 £273 £230 dated 01/07 £503
May £431 £30 £246 £215 dated 01/08 £461
June £369 £30 £214 £185 dated 01/09 £399
July £280 £30 -NA- £310
August £230 £30 -NA- £260
September £130 £30 -NA- £160
October £90 £30 -NA- £120
November £60 £30 -NA- £90
December £60 £30 -NA- £90

This above table equates to 3 tickets per month for March to October inclusive and the pro-rata table reflects this quantity. At the members choice, the number of tickets issued can be adjusted upwards e.g. a member joining in June may opt for the full entitlement of 24 tickets upon payment of the earlier March subscription rate.


WINTER SEASON FISHING (when allowed) – £15 per day
NoteOn Fridays & Saturdays during the ‘Winter Season’ the lakes are closed to fishing.

The ‘Winter Season’ is defined as being 1st January to the 14th of February, and from the last Saturday of October and its preceding Friday until the season’s end on the 31st December. Additionally however if the 1st November falls on a Saturday its preceding Friday is also a non-fishing day.


£6 per session
From 4:30am or one hour before sunrise whichever is the later and one hour after sunset or 10pm whichever is the earlier.


Member’s ‘Self-Guest’ Ticket = £20  (4 Fish bag limit)
Non-Member’s Guest Ticket = £30  (4 Fish limit)

Winter Period
(details will be published early October)

Junior Tickets = £10 (2 fish bag limit)

Members only ‘Summer Evening Ticket’ = £10 (2 fish bag limit)
(Available only when notified on the Clubhouse Notice board.)