Membership Work Party Groups for 2021

Working with the Enviroment Agency over a number of years the club has been able to limit the affect of fish lice (Argulus) that has badly effected other trout fisheries throughout the UK.

From May onwards until Autumn the ‘Argulus Work Party group’ placed, lifted, cleaned, and replaced tubes designed to catch this pest every two weeks on Wednesdays and Saturdays. At the end of this programme for 2021 we had removed over 100,000 eggs from Lodge lake and have not seen a single Trout lost to this pest in 2021 at our Lodge Lake. A brilliant result and the members should be very proud of the work they had done over many years. We go again in Spring 2022.

Tubes removed for cleaning, with Argulus eggs showing
The white/beige blobs and strings are Argulus eggs. Life cycle is around 12 days to hatch from laying, hence we lift and clean every two weeks

Members playing on the boats….. No, really they were collecting the tubes and bringing them back to the lodge for cleaning

The last work party of 2021 was to rebuild our two benches at Lodge lake in readiness for our late summer open day and also vermin proof Emi’s shed at the lodge…

Barry (club Treasurer) and John (real name Edward, I will let him explain when you meet him) and Roger first destroy then rebuild our two benches at the Lodge

The finished article

Emi’s shed with a new internal floor and base planks replaced. Emi has the paint brush out to finish the job

Lodge Lake car park upgrade:

With the help of some serious machinery kindly brought along by Roger and Ben French both members of the club, short work was made of laying a new top surface at Lodge lake car park.

Ralph, Ben, Roger & Simon (left to right) proudly pose after a great mornings work

2021-A Work party of members created a New Swim at Lodge Lake

Watch your head Mr Dixon……Our Club Chairman is about to cut some branches to create room to cast

Our Club Chairman loves to play with that chain saw!
Well, we did a good job I think

Mr Dixon surveys the days work……. A stunning new swim where no bank angler has ever been able to access, certainly not in the memory of any current member.