Club Posts: Important Information for Members.

Our summer season fishing came to an end on Sunday 31st October but rejoined members for 2022 will again be able to use any unused fishing tickets until 31st December 2021 to fish the Special ‘Winter fishing season’

Winter fishing starts on Monday 1st November 2021 and members will be allowed to fish through to the 13th February 2022.

A reminder to members there is No fishing on any Friday or Saturday during the winter season. 

The waters will then remain closed for two weeks until the Summer season starts on the 1st March 2022.

Last winter was our best ever fishing months with November alone catch totalling 855 fish to the net from 213 rods. We wish all our members very tight lines over the coming months

Fished stocked are on ave 2lb plus to 12lb in both Lakes

3 fish kill limit per day. C&R fishing, 10 fish max per day, Barbless or Crushed barbs MUST be used

A reminder to all members- All fish over 5lb caught MUST be returned