Start of the Summer season – Week 21

Fishing data to 20th May 2022

Fish of the week: Andrew Redman a 7lb plus beauty  

ONLY ‘Barbless’ or Very WELL crushed barbs hooks are to be used on our lakes EVEN when fishing to dispatch fish

Lodge Lake: 23 rods fished. 69 fish caught. 25 dispatched. 44 C&R 

Lavender Lake: 9 rods fished 21 fish caught. 10 dispatched. 11 C&R

Water temp 16 degrees at 13ft 17 degrees at 7ft

Andrew Redman caught a beauty 7lb plus which was safely returned. Sorry no picture sent through to me.

Dry fly was best as the week progressed out fishing buzzers for the first time this year. Hawthorn, daddy proved best.

All the normal reminders to members…..Please be careful standing in boats ( we have had a member using the lake as a bath lol. I know what that feels like! ) please no sudden movements especially in the plastic boats. They won’t sink but they like to tip you out when standing and moving suddenly. So please take care and be careful.  
Boat Cleanliness…..Please keep the boats clean and wash anchors before loading into boats.   

Can I also remind ALL members to:

  1. sign in correctly
  2. Sign out and log fish caught
  3. Ensure equipment used (Boats) has been left CLEAN 
  4. Never give out the lock code- If asked for it please call a committee member
  5. Ensure you know the C&R and Kill limit rules (these rules can be found on club web site)
  6. Please keep all C&R fish in the net and avoid handling them
  7. A good fish ‘Disgorger’ should be used for quick hook release if hook has been swallowed. 
  8. No Fish caught over 5lb in weight should be dispatched. It must be released safely back to the lake.