Monthly Reports

October 2018

With water temperature now falling (14C average), trout came closer to the banks in search of fry where bank anglers were successful with Cat`s Whisker, black sparkly Minnow, Damsel Fly variants and sparkly PTN/Montana.  Following a few frosty nights, the warmer parts of the day saw fish feeding on top and just under water surface on buzzers and small aphids – and at times casting a hopper or a small black gnats to a rising fish resulted in quite spectacular sport.
Members also reported Damsel Nymphs, Damsel Flies, red headed Diawl Bachs and Daddies as being very successful.

In total, 132 rods caught 513 and released 257 or 3.9 fish per rod on average.

Lavender:  Both bank and boat fishing being badly affected due to the abstraction of water and previous intense heat, no anglers fished the lake this month.

Water temperature 18C-13C

September 2018

Lodge:  Traditionally, fish tend to be closer to the banks at this time of year. But, because of the unusually warm weather and high water temp. (from 17 – 19 Celsius), most fish kept to the deeper water.  Accordingly, fishing from the boats, drifting or moving often, using a simple black lure just under the surface, produced more fish.
White lures (appetiser), wet daddy, pheasant tail, diawl bach etc. were, reportedly,  the more successful flies. And for some reason, first and last weeks in Sep. achieved best catch rates.

85 rods caught 113 and released 77 fish or 2.2 fish per rod and 2.2 lbs in weight on average.

Lavender:  Both bank and boat fishing were badly affected due to the abstraction of water. No anglers fished the lake this month.

Water temperature 17C-19C

August 2018

Lodge:  39 rods caught 21 and released 5 fish – 0.5 fish per rod on average
With the high temperatures persisting, sport declined and very few fish came to the net.

Lavender: Both bank and boat fishing were badly affected due to the abstraction of water. No anglers fished the lake this month.

Water temperature 21C-26C

July 2018

Lodge:    55 rods caught  66 and released 39 fish – 1.2 fish per rod on average
As the weather broke high temperature records, fish and wildlife in general suffered badly throughout the south eastern region.  Water quality deteriorated as weeds flourished and trout began suffering accordingly. Fishing became difficult, but anglers reported some success with Montana nymphs, Damsel flies, and white muddlers/stalking bugs. Shipmans buzzers and pheasant tail nymphs also saw moderate success.

Lavender: 5 rods caught 3 and released  1 fish –  0.6 fish per rod on average
With water being extracted for irrigation requirements, in addition to the unseasonably hot weather, Lavender lake became very difficult to fish especially as the weeds flourished.

Water temperature 21C-26C

June 2018

Lodge:    109 rods caught 200 and released 232 fish – 4 fish per rod on average
As warmer weather extended into June, water temp. rose from 19C to 21 C by the end of the month. There were good hatches of May Flies, margins were full of tadpoles and banks were covered with Damsel flies (especially on Lavender). Very popular and most successful flies on Lodge Lake were Damsel Nymphs, Diawl Bachs, Dry Sedges, Daddy Long Legs fished near the top.

Lavender: 27 rods caught 60 and released 40 fish – 3.7 fish per rod on average
Members reported having success with Hares Ear, Black Buzzer, weighted Blue Damsel, Diawl Bach and dry Damsel on top.  

Largest Rainbows reported were: 4 lbs, 5 lbs 5 oz and 5 lbs 8 oz and all from Lavender Lake.

Water temperature 19C- 21C

May 2018

Lodge:      112 rods caught 480 and released 218  – average 4.3 / rod
As water temperature ranged from 10 – 19 C, members reported catching fish on Buzzers, Diawl Bach`s, black/ green/ red Montana`s, Damsel flies, Black and Green Fritz and black Beetle on top by the end of the month,

Lavender: 46 rods caught 191 and released 96 fish  – average 4.1 / rod
Buzzers, Diawl Bach`s, Hares Ear, Hawthorn fly, dries (Dry Sedges).
Largest Rainbows: 4 lbs 9 oz, 4 lbs 11 oz

Water temperature 10C- 19C

April 2018

Lodge:      66 rods caught 313 (201 released)  –  4.7 / rod
Largest fish: 4lbs 3oz
Lavender: 74 rods caught 401 and released 223 fish  – 5.4 / rod
Largest: 4 lbs, 4 lbs 3 oz, 5 lbs 8 oz.

First half of April, fish were caught on Buzzers: (black body with fluorescent green, fluorescent red/orange head), Shipman`s Buzzer, Gold ribbed Hare`s Ear, Diawl Bach, near the top and for a couple warmer days Black Gnat and Dry flies.
Second half, as chilly wind cooled water and fish went deeper and further out, Black Pennel, Green and Black Fritz, Cats Whisker Fritz, Hawthorn Fly, Olives.

Water temperature 9C

March 2018

Lodge      62 rods caught 334 (187 released)  –  5.4 / rod
Lavender 22 rods caught 130 ( 94 released)  –  5.9 / rod
The biggest fish caught on Lodge weighed 3lbs 2oz and 4lbs 6oz caught on Lavender Lake.
Two Brown Trout, caught on Lavender, were released.
Water temperature range : 5C
Most popular fly was Black – Green Montana down deep not far from the bank at the beginning of the month. Later on, when fish started coming to the top to feed, Buzzers and Diawl Bachs were among the more successful flies.

September 2017

Lodge      123 rods caught 560 (89 released)  –  4.5 / rod
                  2 Browns released ; Best fish 4lb 4oz Rainbow
Lavender  (incomplete figures due to previous lake restriction)
Water temperature range : 19C-15C

August 2017

Lodge      92 rods caught 213 (89 released)  –  2.3 / rod
                  3 Browns released ; Best fish 3lb 14oz Rainbow
Lavender  (incomplete figures due to previous lake restriction)
Water temperature range : 21C-23C

July 2017

Lodge      96 rods caught 224 (96 released)  –  2.3 / rod
Lavender  (incomplete figures due to  previous lake restriction)
Water temperature range : 20C-24C

June 2017

Lodge      106 rods caught 408 (225released)  –  3.8 / rod
Lavender  (incomplete figures due to lake restriction)
Water temperature range : 15C-18C

May 2017

Lodge      96 rods caught 465 (317 released, 5 brown)  –  4,8 / rod
Lavender 66 rods caught 186 ( 66 released, 3 brown)  –  4.3 / rod
The biggest fish caught on Lodge weighed 5lbs and 4.6lbs caught on Lavender Lake.
Eight Brown Trout, five on Lodge, three on Lavender were released.
Water temperature range : 13C-15

April 2017

Lodge      72 rods caught 302 (203 released)  –  4,2 / rod
Lavender 66 rods caught 248 ( 55 released)  –  3.8 / rod
The biggest fish caught on Lodge weighted 4lbs 7oz and 5.12lbs caught on Lavender Lake.
Three Brown Trout, one on Lodge, two on Lavender were released.
Water temperature range : 10C-13C

March 2017

Lodge      90 rods caught 413 (203 released)  –  4.6 / rod
Lavender 32 rods caught 112 ( 55 released)  –  3.5 / rod
The biggest fish caught on Lodge weighed 4lbs 12oz and 4lbs caught on Lavender Lake.
Two Brown Trout, one on each lake, were released.
Water temperature range : 8C-10C

September 2016

With water temperature slowly dropping compared to the previous two months – and especially that at the beginning of September, fish have been further out from the bank, almost out of casting range, and were feeding on dries and terrestrials.

But real sport started soon afterwards.  Fish started coming nearer the bank and were all over the lake – at the top picking flies from the surface ; in the first 2 – 3 feet of water chasing wet Daddy Long Legs and Black Spiders retrieved slowly, Black and Green Montana Nymphs, Hot-Head Diawl Bachs, mini Cats Whiskers, Orange Fritz and so forth…

  • Over a dozen 3lbs+ were caught as well as several 4lbs+ and a beautifully proportioned 5.25 pounder.
  • 190 fish were taken and 130 returned by 88 rods.

August 2016

As the warm weather continued, the story was similar to that of July’s.  The fishing was often challenging with some fish occasionally leaping out of the water, and others being quite sluggish and in no mood to feed as the water temperature rose to 22C by mid August.
But soon, as the heat dropped to 19C, with overcast skies and little breeze towards the end of the month, the fish started rising again further out from the bank and it paid off to take out a boat.
Successful members caught fish on buzzers, Hares Ear, muddlers… on the top (4 – 6 feet of water).

Catch rate:

  • 66 fish were taken and 48 returned by 46 rods (2.5 fish per rod) on Lodge Lake
  • 50 fish were taken and 25 released by 31 rods (2.4 fish per rod) on Lavender.

July 2016

The first days of July were similar to the last days of June and the fishing was slightly better on Lodge than Lavender with a 3 fish per rod catch rate. Then it went quiet for the rest of the week.  The second week in July improved slightly on both lakes with a couple of bag limits recorded on Lavender.
As the weather got warmer, the water temperature rose to 22* C, the fishing became more challenging; and for the rest of the month Lavender continued to provide the better fishing, returning twice the Lodge catch rate.Taking a boat made a difference as fish went in search of cooler water – occasionally rising and splashing on surface, but in no mood to feed actively.

Catch rate:
  • 77 fish were taken and 38 returned by 61 rods (1.9 fish per rod) on Lodge Lake
  • 79 fish were taken and 46 released by 37 rods (3.8 fish per rod) on Lavender.

June 2016

The recent wet/warm weather has increased the lakes’ insect life – with Mayflies, Damsels and a variety of others appearing throughout.  Pockets of weed growth developing in the margins encouraged fish activity on and below the water surface.
As the temperature rose steadily from 16C to 20C, with exception of few days in mid-June, fishing was well above average.
All sorts of different flies were being used, but mainly nymphs, buzzers, sedge pupae and damsels on a floating line, as well as dries.

Catch rate:
  • 238 fish were taken and 202* returned by 101 rods (4.4 fish per rod) on Lodge Lake
  •   41 fish were taken and    31 released by 16 rods (4.5 fish per rod) on Lavender.
    (* including four brownies)

May 2016

The water has warmed up significantly  (13C – 16C) and most trout actively covered large areas of water looking for fly hatches.
They like to take fly just before and during hatching (emerger stage) as well as buzzers and hawthorn fly.
In early May, fishing with buzzer imitation and letting the fly drift – giving the occasional twitch or a very slow retrieve proved very successful as was fishing with nymphs, Hares Ear, Damsel and Hopper flies nearer the end of the month.

Catch rate:

  • 163 fish were taken and 235 returned by 75 rods (5.3 fish per rod) on Lodge Lake
  • 132 fish were taken and 98 released by 47 rods (4.9 fish per rod) on Lavender.

April 2016

Despite everything being late this month – insect and plant life being several weeks behind compared to last year – this was a good month with a majority of members catching their bag limit either by using intermediate line and lures near the bottom early on in the day, or using floating line, weighted point fly and buzzers on droppers later on.
Catch rate:
  • 160 fish were taken and 184 returned by 63 rods (5.4 fish per rod) on Lodge Lake
  • 159 fish were taken and   69 released by 49 rods (4.6 fish per rod) on Lavender.
The biggest fish were caught by a Member and a Guest -both Rainbows weighing 3 lb 12 oz.
Members also reported releasing 7 Brownies.
With water temperature a constant: 10 – 11 C, most popular flies, according to our Members were:
  • Montana – black and green, black and red, black and yellow
  • Olive Damsel
  • Bloodworm
  • Diawl Bach early April
  • and White/Orange lures, Emergers, Nymphs and Buzzers later on in the month

March 2016

At the beginning of the season – early March – the water temperature was around 6C in both lakes, and as the sunlight warmed the shallower water, larvae began to emerge from the mud and silt. Many fish were taken on intermediate lines with black lures on cloudy days and white ones on bright days – the flies being cast out and allowed to sink then slowly retrieved with occasional pauses.
By mid and late March, as the water temperature rose to 8C, hatches of flies appeared, and fish were seen rising occasionally and splashing the surface.  Floating lines with a weighted attractor point fly and buzzers on droppers produced results.
Members reported catches on Black and Green Montana, Damsel Fly, Diawl Bach, Daddies, Yellow Cats Whisker, and Buzzers.

  • 31 rods caught 88 and released 80 fish on Lodge Lake    (5.5 per rod)
  • 45 rods caught 153 and released 18 fish on Lavender Lake   ((3.8 per rod)

Interestingly, this month we had the lesser popular lake returning a better catch/rod rate.