Fishing Report for week 47

Fishing data to Thursday 25th November

Fish of the week: The picture does not do the fish justice: K Andrews estimated 10lb to 12lb fish




The small white with orange head buzzer that was also retrieved from this beauty. Not sure which member lost it and when but will update when we find out…..

Fishing update last 7 days: (5 days fishing)

We have had both sunny and bright, and cold and cloudy days this past week, the result has been only Tuesday and Wednesday saw reasonable numbers of rods at the lakes 7&6 respectfully. Other days 1 or 2 rods only. Tactics clearly playing a major role in fish to net as some found fish hard to catch.  

Joe Stock again took a pair of nice specimen fish, 7lb & 9lb but the biggest fish was estimate 10lb to 12lb. Caught by myself!  It gave a fantastic fight and went back fighting lol. Taken on a floating line, barbless cats whisker, very fast retrieve. My biggest trout ever and one I will never forget. Massive tail and clean from any lice. The fight it gave as a few members on the bank saw was amazing. A real beauty. Look at the pictures above. What member lost this buzzer?  I can tell you the fish that snapped you up was this beauty. You had well hooked it, Inside the mouth lower jaw. Buzzer had about 3ft plus of line on it and the line was the only reason I went looking again after unhooking my fly in the landing net and then I saw more line! Interesting fish had taken something white both times!

Lodge Lake. 16 rods. 37 fish caught. 6 dispatched. 31 fish C&R. Snake. Cats. Buzzer. Montana. Black & green bead fly.
Lavender lake. Only 2 rods all week! 15 fish caught. 6 dispatched. 9 C& R.

A special note please. I have been to asked to communicate to members the use of twin hook flies of any kind is not allowed on our lakes. Snake fly users please check you have only a single hook version. Again can we ask members to please use barbless or Very well crushed barb hooks, you cooperation is greatly appreciated. Tight lines all over the next week. Emi & Kevin.

From Monday 1st November a reminder to all members our kill limits did change as did guest fees.  Please check if you are unsure on anything.

AGM quick update. In AOB the members brought up the use of barbed hooks and after several members spoke, the floor took an opinion vote on changing to Barbless or crushed barbed hooks only going forward at any time. 

The use of 2021 tickets being used into 2022 (currently can only be used to 31st December 2021) by rejoined members will also be discussed at the next committee meeting following a request from 3 members of the floor.

Update letter to members re AGM, AOB will be sent out by the end of November 2021.

Remember NO fishing or walking etc is now allowed on any Friday or Saturday at the Lakes due to the shooting season being in place.

Regards Emi & Kevin