Drift Control

How does Colin steer those drifts so well?” This is another question often raised by members. So, we asked him, and this month he tells us his own approach to controlling a drifting boat.

There are other methods, but I have always used my own…. and have never found a better way to easily steer a drift just as I want. Here’s what’s important when fishing from a drifting boat –

  • you need to be fishing, not spending time adjusting the direction of drift, so the easier it is to correct for a change in wind direction or to steer clear of other boats, the better. So what’s my recommendation?
  • it’s tricky to follow a straight course, so how is this best done?

If the drogue is tied broadly centrally to the boat, then the drift will naturally follow the wind direction. Then by moving the drogue from this position toward one end of the boat or the other, the drift direction changes accordingly.  To drift predictably, frequent adjustments may be necessary, and so I want an easy way to do this.

Fixing the drogue to the boat
I use two G-clamps, each fixed across 2/3rds the length of the boat. The drogue rope connects around the threads of both clamps and forms a loop as shown in fig 1.



Controlling the drift
The direction can be adjusted quite easily from any position in the boat by pulling the drogue rope loop to the left or right as needed – see figs 2, 3 and 4.







Maintaining a steady course
This is best done by lining-up two fixed points – one behind the other – in the direction you wish to drift.  Adjust the drogue position as necessary to keep these points steady in relation to one another. This ensures you move over the fishing area as intended.

So get hold of a drogue and try it out for yourself !