The Lakes

The facility consists of two large lakes each of approximately 16 acres.

Club rules limits the number of boats and bank anglers that can fish the lakes concurrently, so you will never get that ‘crowded’ feeling that all too often spoils the experience at public day ticket venues. The photos below have been taken in April 2009 on a typical fishing day and clearly show that the venue has more than enough space for everybody including the ducks !

Lodge Lake

The lake is bordered by the Member’s Club House to the north where members sign in and out and register the fish they have caught.
A small area of hard standing is available for members to park cars.
The westerly and southerly banks of the lake are mostly grassed allowing easy access for the bank angler and occasional benches are available for relaxation after all that casting!

Lavender Lake

The lake is bordered by mature trees to the north offering some shelter from northerly winds to the dedicated boat angler and grassy bank on the westerly and southerly banks for the bank angler.
The lake has a significant weed population that encourages insect and other aquatic wildlife. The weed may become a problem for the inexperienced fly fisher in summer months but that is more than made up for by the abundant insect life it encourages.
Bank anglers have access to the lake shoreline at a number of points right round the lake, making stalking of those elusive brownies a real challenge.
For that, the shallower westerly corners are ideal.