Club Rules (old)

(Note: this page is under revision for the 2017 season)

Rules 6 to 23 inclusive apply to all anglers whether members of the Club or guests.

The club is known as the “Essex Fly Fishers’ Club”.

a. The number of members shall not exceed 130 rods, exclusive of Committee Members.
b. The annual subscriptions for the following year are as notified to members at the Annual General Meeting of the Club which is held in October each year. Charges for boat hire, guest tickets and daily tickets for juniors will be notified at the same time.
c. A person joining after the start of the season shall pay a pro-rata subscription for that season, plus the entrance (joining) fee.
d. Subscriptions are due on first joining and thereafter by the 31st October prior to each season. It is permissible when renewing to pay with either two or three, simultaneously presented cheques for equal amounts. First cheque to be dated the 31st October. The second of the two to be dated 31st March.
e. If membership has not been renewed by 30th November then membership will be considered to have been resigned, and the ex-members name will be deleted from list.
f. The Committee reserve the right not to renew any membership, and to cancel any existing membership at any time. The reason for dismissal, findings and decisions of the committee will be for the subject member only, and may not be generally broadcast.
g. The Club is affiliated to the Bairnsdale Fly Fishers’ Club and the Victoria Fly Fishers’ Association in Australia, whose facilities are available to members visiting Australia. Further details may be obtained from the Secretary. Reciprocal arrangements exist for B.F.F.C. and V.F.F.A. members visiting Essex.

A member may ‘Self Guest’ for an additional days sport if desired upon payment of charges and conditions detailed on the sheet posted in the clubhouse.

Special concessions exist to enable members’ children, or grandchildren, under the age of 16 to fish. Daily tickets enable the holder to take one brace of fish per day. Details for reservations and payments are displayed in the Clubhouse.

Open only to a person having served a minimum of fifteen years as a paid-up club member, and having extenuating health circumstances that preclude his/her continued fishing on a regular and ongoing basis. A member fulfilling these parameters may make presentation to the Committee of the Club to become a ‘Life Member’. Upon acceptance by the Club Committee, such a member may upon payment of the current guest fee, sign himself/herself in at the lakes and may fish with the four fish entitlement. In all other respects the ‘Life Member’ will be considered a normal Club Member.

The ‘Lodge Lake’ and the ‘Lavender Lake’, together known as Leez Lakes, are situated in private property just east of Leez Priory and each is approximately 16 acres in extent. Entry to and exit from the Leez Lakes is allowed only by the approach road from the Great Leighs – Felsted Road. No other means of entry is permitted.
This road access gate must be closed and locked behind a member on entering or leaving the site.  A second gate at the top of the drive leading to the Lakes is to be left as found – open or closed, except that the last angler to sign-out of the fishery each evening must ensure this gate is securely locked behind him.
Only persons authorised to fish, or accompanying authorised anglers, are allowed in the fishing area.

The season opens on the 1st March and closes on the 31st of October of the same year. However, the last Saturday of October and the preceding Friday are non-fishing days, and when the first of November falls on a Saturday the preceding Friday is also a non-fishing day.
The committee reserve the right to change the season in exceptional extenuating circumstances (such as the occurrence with the ‘Foot and Mouth’ crisis of 2001.)
There is, however, an effective extension to this season extending into the winter months of November to 14th February. A limitation to the “Winter Period” dictates that we do not have access to the lakes on Fridays or Saturdays. All other days of the week in these months we do have the normal access.

Fishing may commence at 4.30a.m. or one hour before sunrise whichever is the later and must cease one hour after sunset or 10p.m. whichever is the earlier. No member shall remain on the site after 10.30p.m.
Members’ only ‘Evening Ticket’ sessions commence from 5p.m.

a. It is not permissible to change lakes during the day of fishing.
b. Fishing shall be by one rod and line with artificial flies not exceeding No.6 (old scale).
c. A team of not more than three flies may be used on each line.
d. Dapping and the use of nymphs are allowed.
e. Trolling is not permitted.
f. Use of electronic (sub water radar) fish-finders is not permitted.

10. FISHING RULES for Catch and Release
a. When starting the practice of Catch and release there must be at least one fish remaining to complete the individuals bag limit. (Bag limits are detailed in Rule 11)
b. When the individuals bag limit is reached, as detailed in rule 10, fishing must cease immediately.
c. A self-imposed daily total catch limit of about 10 fish is recommended.
d. Barbless hooks (or hooks with flattened barb) only to be employed
e. Avoid using flies and techniques likely to result in deep hooking e.g. Static fishing of booby style flies
f. Fish must be killed if damaged or bleeding,
g. Avoid handling fish. If it is necessary, use wet hands. Use an unhooking tool. A typical tool is available for viewing and details of suppliers/costs are available from the Warden.
h. If it is safe to do so fish should be unhooked in the water.
i. If a net is used, it must be knotless and fish are to be returned to the water in the net as quickly as possible.

The limit to the number of fish killed shall be as follows:-
(a) Members – 5 fish per day
(b) Guest ticket holder – 4 fish per day
(c) Juniors – 2 fish per day
(d) Evening Ticket – 2 fish per day
Members and/or Guests must cease fishing on catching their individual limit.

Dogs are not allowed in the grounds.

Thigh and knee waders only are permitted, and wading is entirely at the member’s own risk. Great care is necessary and extreme caution must be exercised at all times.

a. Motor vehicles must be parked in the car parks reserved for that purpose and not on any access roads.
b. Vehicles are to keep to the hard surfaced roadways and parking areas, and not driven onto grassed areas of the lake banks.

a. No litter of any kind may be left in the grounds or boats, or thrown overboard from boats. This is particularly important in the case of leader material, which can cause serious injury or death to wildlife.
b. Litter-bins are provided both in the Clubhouse, and between the two sheds on ‘Lavender Lake’ used as the Toilet and to house the boat equipment. However it is preferable if members take their litter home with them.
c. The lighting of fires is prohibited.

The taking or disturbance of birds, or their nests or eggs and all shooting is prohibited. Entry into any areas newly planted with trees or shrubs is expressly forbidden, whether these are wire fenced or not.

Permits have been, or will be issued for this purpose and every facility is to be given to holders to enable them to carry out their activities.

Toilets are provided close to each lake and members and their guests are requested to leave these facilities in a clean and tidy condition, as they would wish to find them.

All members and their fishing guests must be in position of a valid fishing licence issued by the Environment Agency. These may be obtained from most Post Offices or ‘on-line’.

a. Before starting to fish, a member must submit a valid fishing ticket unless:
– i) Partaking in an evening session (Rule 8)
– ii) Club Members ‘Self Guesting’ themselves as described in Rule 4.
– iii) Fishing during the Winter period.
b. Members, their guests, and anyone else authorised to fish, are to enter the following in the daily fishing register sheets located in the Clubhouse:
– i) Register name, on the appropriate section of the sheet, for the lake to be fished, and enter the starting time.
– ii) Members Guests are to be signed in the Guest Book, entering both the name of guest and name of host member.
c. Upon conclusion of fishing for the day, every angler must sign out on the same daily fishing register sheet.
– i) State time of departure.
– ii) Enter full details of his/her catch. All fish taken must be weighed individually and recorded on the register. Members are requested to be particularly careful in recording the details of any tagged fish caught.

(a) Boats are available on each lake, but no boatmen.
(b) Each boat is available for hire on a daily or half-daily basis, the change over time for half day being 1:30 p.m. (13:30hrs) as exhibited in the Clubhouse.
The use of a boat is restricted to the hirer and is not transferable to another member.
A boat hired only for the morning session must be returned to its mooring by the changeover time or, if still available for hire, rebooked by the hirer before the changeover time.
(c) Pre-booking of a boat for the afternoon session may be done on day of hire, or prior to this date upon payment of the hire charge and concurred with the Warden.
(d) Up to three persons are allowed in a boat, only two of whom may fish at any one time and then only if authorised so to do.
(e) Full details for the booking of, and paying for the hire of boats, are displayed in the Clubhouse.
(f) All boats must be secured to their moorings and the seat cushions returned after use. Anchor ropes must be left in a neat and seaman-like condition and the boats free from mud and debris.
(g) Boat anglers are to exercise due care to limit wear and tear on the boats and any damage to the boats, oars or equipment must be reported to the Warden immediately.
(h) Members and their guests fishing from boats must obey the convention that boat anglers give way to bank anglers. However in the event of a boat being on station consideration must be extended to allow the boat angler to remain in position. Once vacated the boat angler is not to return to that station again, unless free of bank anglers.
(i) The use of quiet Electric outboard motors is acceptable for use on the lakes. However use of petrol propelled outboard motors are prohibited.

Guest tickets are available on each lake, for the use of a member’s guests or for members wishing to take advantage of an extra day’s fishing.
Every guest or junior must be accompanied by his member host whilst fishing and members are reminded that they are wholly responsible for the conduct of and the observance of these rules by their guests and juniors whilst they are on the Club’s premises.
Failure of guests to comply will result in action being taken against the host member.
A non-member may not fish the Club’s waters more than 6 times in any season.

All anglers who have fished an any suspect waters in Great Britain or Eire must ensure that their boots, lines, nets etc. are disinfected before fishing in the Club’s waters.

Neither the owner/occupier, nor the ‘Essex Fly Fishers’ Club’ (its Officers & Employees included) are to be held responsible for any accident, loss or damage to persons or property howsoever caused. N.B. These rules are made to protect the interest of the members and observation of them will ensure the continued enjoyment by all of the peace and tranquillity, which we are so fortunate to enjoy and share. Unfortunately, however, it has to be stated for the record that the Committee is minded to terminate the membership of any member of the club found to be in breach of these rules.